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15 Best day trips from Venice

Venice is one of the most unusual cities in the world, that special one certainly be remembered for its unique charm and stunning architecture. On its winding ancient streets you can walk endlessly, enjoying an unforgettable atmosphere and ancient palaces. But if you want to take a break from the noisy city full of tourists — try to discover the surroundings, and no doubt you will find a lot of interesting places. Check out these 15 best day trips from Venice and be ready for an unforgettable adventure!

Day trips from Venice: Padua

It is believed that the city of St. Anthony was founded in 1185 BC. Locals call Padua a city of three “without” — a saint without a name (Anthony of Padua is usually called simply “a saint”, Meadow without grass (the main square called Prato della Valle, which is one of the largest squares in Europe) and a Cafe without a door (the legendary Pedrocca cafe, whose doors did not previously close around the clock.) The city is also famous for its historical and cultural heritage.

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In this small town, which is just a few kilometers away from Padua, you can see Castle of Monselice, called Castello Cini. Its oldest part was built in the XI century. From the beginning of its existence until the sixteenth century, it went from a luxurious residence to a defensive tower, after which it became a chic Venetian villa.

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Day trips from Venice: Verona

Shrouded in endless secrets, the city of love and romance fascinates with its magical atmosphere and unique architecture. The best way to get to know Verona is to go for a walk around the Old Town, exploring numerous ancient buildings. The city, known as “Little Rome”, will certainly impress you with its artistic and cultural heritage.

Lake Garda

Near the southern foot of the Alps lies Lake Garda, which appeared here at the end of the last ice age. Along its coast, small cities, architectural complexes and gardens are comfortably located. Sirmione, Scaliger castle, Monte Baldo mountain, Limone Sul Garda, Riva del Garda… It will take more than one day to visit them all! But if you want to leave the noisy and full of tourists city — feel free to choose any place on the coast of Italy’s largest lake, and you will not lose!

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Day trips from Venice: Marostica

The center of a small town, surrounded by picturesque fields, is located inside the powerful walls on top of the hill. Every two years, a medieval festival takes place here, during which locals dress in chess suits. Thanks to this event, Marostica is also known as the “city of chess”, because even on the main square of the city you can see a giant chessboard! The main attractions of the city are two ancient castles: one is located on the main square, and the second one is on the top of the hill.

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This provincial town still keeps the luxury of Renaissance. The city has a lot of architectural monuments and works of art, but the main attraction of Ferrara is the castle of St. Michael (Castello Estense). In the Middle Ages, it was the magnificent residence of the Dukes d’Este, so its interiors here are unbelievably impressive!

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Day trips from Venice: Chioggia

This coastal city, also known as the “Little Venice”, was founded in Roman times in the southern part of the Venetian lagoon. In 1987 it was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List due to an exceptional feature: from a bird’s eye view the historic center looks like a fish skeleton.

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The most special feature of the city is the Dolomites mountain range, among which the mountains of Antelio and Civetta, the Three Peaks of Lavaredo and the Marmolada stand out. In Belluno you will see beautiful medieval palaces and a magnificent cathedral. And the main bell tower of the city, which rises for centuries over the old square, is the highest structure of this type in the entire region.

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Day trips from Venice: Udine

Ancient palaces and squares, a castle on a hill, a cathedral founded in 1257, the sea and a unique Venetian charm – this is the way a quiet and majestic city will please a discerning tourist. And on the outskirts of the city is the famous Palmanova outlet center, which will surely appeal to all shopping lovers.

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This seaside resort is known for its beaches. If you are not a fan of such a holiday, just discover the Old Town, most of the historical and cultural values of which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In addition, the city is famous worldwide for its magnificent mosaics.

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Day trips from Venice: Vicenza

The city, created by the genius of architecture Andrea Palladio, is perfect for a leisurely family holiday. Palaces, basilicas, luxurious villas and public buildings — most of them are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Trieste and Miramare castle

The pompous city, from which the Austrians turned away and which the Italians did not like, will please you with its monumental architecture, rarely found in coastal cities. In the bay of Grignano there is a fabulous white castle of Miramare, over which, it is believed, a malediction hangs. Be sure to visit this romantic place and find out its history!

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Day trips from Venice: Duino Castle

Not far from Trieste there is the castle of Duino. It was built in the XIV century and towers on a cliff protruding into the sea. The ancient citadel, belonging to the aristocratic family of Thurn-und-Taxis, was visited at various times by famous guests, including Mark Twain, Rainer Maria Rilke, Franz Liszt, Empress Elizabeth and many other famous personalities. Today, some rooms and a luxurious park are open for visitors..

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Photo: Twice25 & Rinina25 (CC BY-SA 3.0)


The border with Slovenia passes through this cozy small town. This is that special place where two worlds, Latin and Slavic, meet — each one with its own culture and traditions. But not only this attracts tourists here: Gorizia also has numerous historical places of interest.

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Day trips from Venice: Fusine Lakes

On the border between Austria and Slovenia there is a unique natural attraction of Italy — Fusine Lakes. This place beckons with calmness and tranquility, and even the road here (though not very close) is pure pleasure and excitement! It is beautiful at any season.

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