Draya Michele is a popular designer, actress and model. She became a celebrity after taking part in famous in the USA reality show “Basketball Wives.”

Draya was born in 1985 in Pennsylvania. Her mother is Italian, and her father is African American. The girl’s dream was to become a model, but more often than not, she faced failures: almost all the agencies found in her some flaws that they believed were incompatible with the model’s career. However, Draya turned out to be very purposeful and as a result received several small roles in the video clips of famous stars. It was a powerful start, after which publishers and directors chased after her.

After appearing in the famous TV show Basketball Wives, Draya became an entrepreneur and created her own line of bathing suits. Today the number of her followers on Instagram has almost reached 8 million and we believe that this is real popularity and recognition!

Preview: instagram.com / drayamichele