Giethoorn: unique “Venice of the North” in Netherlands

Get lost in a maze of storybook canals!

Maunsell Forts: the most unusual sea fortification system in the world

Looks like fantasy, but they were in active service!

Italian lakes: TOP-10 places that will fascinate you with unforgettable landscapes

Italy is a country where there is everything. This time we were inspired by Italian lakes. These are real wonders of nature

Notre-Dame de Paris: 11 facts about the legendary cathedral which will...

The walls and the interior did not suffer. It was immediately decided to restore the cathedral. We have collected some facts about Notre-Dame de Paris

10 Amazing non-touristy places to visit before they get crowded

Dream holiday is a perfect thing for everyone. You will always find those who like to discover non-touristy places to visit and see something new

Fort Jefferson: An Amazing Abandoned Prison on a Tropical Island

On the south coast of Florida, one can see a fortress with an interesting history. It is called Fort Jefferson, and is the largest brickwork in America

Eilean Donan: the most iconic and recognizable castle of Scotland

It looks idyllic and romantic, but still silently keeps its long and sometimes dark history

Plitvice Lakes National Park: one of the most beautiful places in...

There still remained some corners on our planet where the magnificent Nature evokes genuine admiration. One of such places is the Plitvice Lakes

Borromeo palace on Isola Bella: a fairy tale on a fairy...

Borromeo Palace is a real fairy tale embodied in stone which symbolizes the wealth and influence of famous Italian family

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