Garenin: an abandoned Scottish village, now used as accommodation for adventurous...

The village of Garenin (Gearrannan) is a traditional cluster of Scottish style houses on the Isle of Lewis, the largest islands of the Hebrides

Archipelago of the Azores: the edge of Europe, where you can...

Far in the Atlantic Ocean, is lost the Azores archipelago — a little secret of our planet that will steal your heart right in a flash

San Marino: the oldest republic in the world

It was founded at the beginning of 4th century!

9 Splendid cities where cars are not (more) allowed

Here is a collection of car-free cities where traffic horns are just a distant memory. Have you already bought your ticket?

5 Most dangerous cities in the world

Be on the alert!

50 Amazing places on Earth, you obviously MUST see at least...

We made a selection of the most amazing places on Earth that you definitely need to see at least once in your life. Of course, this is only a small part

5 Most special and awesome Italian cheeses

Different kinds of Italian cheese are famous all over the world. It is even hard to list all of them produced all over the country

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