10 Amazing non-touristy places to visit before they get crowded

Dream holiday is a perfect thing for everyone. You will always find those who like to discover non-touristy places to visit and see something new

Zalipie: the most colorful village of Poland

Long time ago, in a small Polish village called Zalipie, someone drew a flower on the ceiling to hide a soot stain. Residents of the village liked that

Mysterious Niedzica Castle (Dunajec): one of the darkest and most beautiful...

In Poland, not far from the village of Niedzica, on the picturesque rock there is the ancient Niedzica castle. It was built in the XIV century

Peleș Castle: luxurious residence of Romanian monarchs

World's first castle fully powered by locally produced electricity!

Seychelles: one of the most beautiful places on Earth!

Seychelles is one of the most amazing and beautiful places on our planet. These islands, located more than a thousand kilometers away from the coast

Game of Thrones locations: 25 stunning places you can visit in...

From Morocco to Iceland, from Spain to Northern Ireland, we made a selection of Game of Thrones locations which are actually real

Maunsell Forts: the most unusual sea fortification system in the world

Looks like fantasy, but they were in active service!

The Carnival of Venice: one of the brightest events of the...

So little time has remained until a traditional Carnival of Venice 2020 starts. This year it will start on February 8 and will last until February 25

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