Ancient Mystras: the Byzantine town on Greek peninsula

The gem of Peloponnese, lost in the mountains!

Caminito del Rey: the most dangerous and breathtaking touristic route is...

There are those who are looking for adrenaline in Spain. They go to Malaga. Here lies one of the most dangerous routes in the world — Caminito del Rey

Mysterious Niedzica Castle (Dunajec): one of the darkest and most beautiful...

In Poland, not far from the village of Niedzica, on the picturesque rock there is the ancient Niedzica castle. It was built in the XIV century

10 Most beautiful and unique airports in the world

It’s always a pleasant surprise when the airport is beautiful as well. Remember these places: we will show you the most beautiful airports in the world

50 Amazing places on Earth, you obviously MUST see at least...

We made a selection of the most amazing places on Earth that you definitely need to see at least once in your life. Of course, this is only a small part

5 Most special and awesome Italian cheeses

Different kinds of Italian cheese are famous all over the world. It is even hard to list all of them produced all over the country

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