Ancient Avignon: the city of Roman Popes in French Provence

In the French Provence, on the left bank of the Rhone, there is an ancient city of Avignon. It is known from the 6-5 centuries BC

Cochem: a cozy German city that keeps 1 billion-dollar worth secret

An ancient castle is not the only thing that makes it famous...

Small towns of Germany: 20 places that look like a real...

Small towns of Germany is a real fairy tale everyone can get into. As soon as you move a little aside from the noisy cities, you can see another life

Colmar: the most Alsatian city in Alsace region!

One of unforgettable places is the town of Colmar in Alsace, where ancient quarters as well as ancient ancient half-timbered houses are perfectly preserved

Garenin: an abandoned Scottish village, now used as accommodation for adventurous...

The village of Garenin (Gearrannan) is a traditional cluster of Scottish style houses on the Isle of Lewis, the largest islands of the Hebrides

San Marino: the oldest republic in the world

It was founded at the beginning of 4th century!

Frying Pan lake looks idyllic… But even the most slashing fellows...

It is strange and creepy at the same time!

Son Doong: the cave of a mountain river

This secret place is hidden in one of the National parks of Vietnam

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