These 7 Christian sanctuaries dedicated to Archangel Michael are perfectly lined...

The path of one of the three archangels – St. Michael, leading God’s armies – can be traced to the East. His cult combines the characteristics of Mitra, Hermes and Hercules

Eldgjá Canyon: It looks like a place on another planet, but...

Eldgjá Canyon is one of the main attractions of the Icelandic Highlands. It was formed after the massive eruption of volcano in 934

Seychelles: one of the most beautiful places on Earth!

Seychelles is one of the most amazing and beautiful places on our planet. These islands, located more than a thousand kilometers away from the coast

Brazilian Carnival: the Greatest Show with Greatest Dancers!

For many decades, the Brazilian Carnival, which is traditionally held forty days before Easter, has been a striking symbol of Brazil

Grand palace in Bangkok: one of the most striking architectural ensemble...

Its gem is a statue of Buddha made of emerald!

Fort Jaigarh: petrified legend of India

Its peculiarity is the biggest cannon in the world!

14 Fairytale places that enthusiasts of crystal waters definitely must visit

Do you belong to the category of people who choose a place for rest depending on the clearness of the water? These corners are the places you must visit!

Mir Castle Complex: an exceptional example of the original Belarusian Gothic...

According to legend, it was built by mysterious bogatyrs long-long time ago...

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