Dinkelsbühl: a traditional old town on the border of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg

One of the most interesting towns on journey will undoubtedly be Dinkelsbühl, which is located on the border of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria

The Carnival of Venice: one of the brightest events of the year in Europe

So little time has remained until a traditional Carnival of Venice 2020 starts. This year it will start on February 8 and will last until February 25

Grazzano Visconti: tiny Italian village that looks like a fairytale place

Just some kilometers away from Piacenza there's a fairytale village named Grazzano Visconti that will obviously steal your heart

Colmar: the most Alsatian city in Alsace region!

One of unforgettable places is the town of Colmar in Alsace, where ancient quarters as well as ancient ancient half-timbered houses are perfectly preserved

Archipelago of the Azores: the edge of Europe, where you can hear the silence...

Far in the Atlantic Ocean, is lost the Azores archipelago — a little secret of our planet that will steal your heart right in a flash

Italian lakes: TOP-10 places that will fascinate you with unforgettable landscapes

Italy is a country where there is everything. This time we were inspired by Italian lakes. These are real wonders of nature

15 Best day trips from Venice

If you want to take a break from the noisy city full of tourists — try to discover the surroundings. Check out these 15 best day trips from Venice

Fortress Carcassonne: the most famous medieval town in the world

One of the most famous fortresses in the whole world is considered to be Carcassonne — a medieval ensemble in the city of the same name

Plitvice Lakes National Park: one of the most beautiful places in Europe

There still remained some corners on our planet where the magnificent Nature evokes genuine admiration. One of such places is the Plitvice Lakes

Borromeo palace on Isola Bella: a fairy tale on a fairy island

Borromeo Palace is a real fairy tale embodied in stone which symbolizes the wealth and influence of famous Italian family

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